Lakidis MLG160 GRINDER

This automatic grinder is equipped with corner feeding system, providing the ability to process fresh and frozen meat up to -8 C and other food products as well. The grinder is fed with an attached loader using standard carts of 200 lit. bins. The entire machine is made of stainless steel, the cutting worm, feeding worm and the worm barrel are all stainless steel. The MLG-160L is operated by an electronic control panel and offers a choice of two speeds for the feeding worm and 2 speeds for the cutting worm which in collaboration with knife variations can cover most delicate types of cuts. The grinder is equipped with an observation step for the user (when opened the machine stops) plus a safety rail around its feeding area (when pressed the machine stops).
Productivity: 2500kg/hr
Motor: 40 Kw
Hopper Capacity: 300lt of product