Lakidis MLK130 GRINDER

The machine is capable of mincing fresh and frozen meat (up to-5 C), it is completely made of stainless steel, with corner feeding and has a hydraulic lifter “arm type” attached to it. The machine can pre-mix meat products due to a special mixing-arm placed within the machine’s working area and this selection can be activated by a control button on the machine’s control board. There are combinations for feeder and knives speeds that cover all demands for the machine’s user.

Better cut results are also achieved by the usage of knives combinations (precutter, knife, knife with holes etc). There is an embodied electric/electronic board. The “worm”, the “worm barrel” and the entire feeding system of the meat mincer are stainless steel materials. An inspection step allow the user to have a better view inside the bowl of the machine, once the step is opened the grinder stops. A safety rail can de added extra around the bowl of the machine, when pressed it forced the grinder to stop operation.