Minipack MVS50X

With the range of MVS X chamber vacuum sealersminipack®-torre offers a series of machinery with high-quality technology and functionality, given the utmost ease of use that has always characterized the company’s products. One of the greatest strengths of these machines is undoubtedly the high compatibility with all the requirements of food vacuum packaging, obtained thanks to the collaboration with renowned chefs and professional operators, who have allowed adding new specific functions to the packaging machines.

Thanks to a tactile touch keyboard that is hermetically glued on the front body of the machine, the card is protected by any infiltration; the control display allows you to set up to 10 different customised programs, designed to cover all the needs of vacuum packaging in the food industry.

In addition, these chamber vacuum sealers are able to read, through a special sensor, the degree of vacuum created in the chamber; a message is displayed whenever the need for oil change emerges. Another satisfied need is the setting of the packaging machine based on the altitude to which it is to operate, so that it is calibrated on the atmospheric pressure of the place.


  • Chamber Size: 26″ x 20.5″ x 9″ High (Includes domed lid)
  • 208 Volt/ 60 Hz/3 Phase, 14A
  • Seal Bar: 2 20.25″ Removable Bar at Left & Right Sides
  • Cycles per minute: Up to 3
  • Size: 31″ x 29″ x 51.75″ (lid open) 40.5″ (lid closed)

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