The PRO-9 Series machines are merchandising centers and offer great versatility. Use the Standard Tenderizer Cradle assembly to tenderize and knit beef products. The Strip Cutting assembly for strip cutting of beef and chicken stir-fry products, or for fajitas and julienne for salads, beef jerky strips, and beef cubing for kabobs and stews. The Star Roller assembly can punch 1/8” lasting holes in beef patties to make the beef more tender and reduce cooking time up to 40%.

Use multiple surface Scoring Rollers to enhance eye-appealing beef patties. Use the specially designed Cutlet Tenderizer Roller assembly to enhance the texture and tenderness of veal, chicken breasts, veal parmesan, veal scalopini, or squid by gently piercing the product without tearing. The PRO-9 Series machines help merchandise product by adding value to less expensive, less desirable, and less tender products, thereby enhancing your profit margin.

Models Pro-9SD 1/2HP Pro-9HD 1/2HP Pro-9HD 3/4HP
Electrical Supply 5′ (1524mm) 3 wire power cord • on 115V, 3 prong ground plug • on 220V – less plug
Construction Stainless steel case, case top • lexan transparent safety feed cover • coated steel frame
Safety Switch Motor shuts down when safety feed cover is raised
Transmission Drive Poly flex double v-belt
Transmission: Alum., Oil bath Bronze sleeve bearings • fiber drive gear Ball bearings • steel gears
Roller Speeds 105 R.P.M. Std. 115 R.P.M. Standard 140 R.P.M. Optional – No Cost
Certifications N.S.F. • U.S.D.A. • U.L. • C.S.A. • C.F.I.A.
Standard Features TA3130 Dual purpose tenderizing/knitting assembly • operating and safety manual
Options: Heavy duty rigid S.S. combs • stainless steel safety cover • cradle storage box
Weights: Approximate – depending on options
unpacked 69 lbs. (31 kg) 70 lbs. (32 kg) 73 lbs. (33.1 kg)
packed 76 lbs. (34 kg) 78 lbs. (35 kg) 80 lbs. (36 kg)
Dimensions packed L = 20” (508mm) x W = 19” (483mm) x H = 21” (533.4mm)

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